Magda is a travel lover, if she could she would spend everyday going around the world, discovering different cultures and seeing how people live. She’s been lucky enough to be able to visit a number of different countries already – Costa Rica, Singapore, Malaysia, Indonesia, USA and majority of European countries.

She gets bored fairly easily hence why many of the ‘regular’ hobbies she picks up, end up being ‘occasionally visited’. Those include and are not limited to cross stitching, drawing, paper-mache… River rafting, hiking and camping are much more enjoyable!

According to Magda, the world would be a better place if everyone could experience a true love from a dog. 

She was born in Poland but has lived in England majority of her life. Some of her family lives in the south of Poland, and some is up in the North East of England. Herself, she has lived in York, Leeds and now Manchester. 

If she could live anywhere in the world, she would live in California, USA.

Adam’s biggest passion are motorbikes…or maybe watches. Those two are solidly tied for the first place in Adam’s heart. He owns many watches but his treasure is a Black-Bay 58. One day he hopes to own the Moon watch. 

If he could, he would travel absolutely everywhere on the bike and he’s also trying to get Magda to get a motorbike license (…this will definitely not happen :P) so they can travel the world together on motorbikes just like they did in Long Way Round/Down/Across! 

He’s a Yorkshire man. Grew up in the Dales and studied Cinematography in Leeds. He loves discovering new places with Magda and two dogs in tow. 

If he could live anywhere  in the world, he would live in New York, USA. 

Photographing people in love is their favourite thing. 

Some people enjoy taking photos of landscapes or animals, but for them it’s all about capturing the emotions. Raw and unposed, just the way anyone experiences their own life. 

Wedding days, elopements, even family shoots… they’re all celebrations of people and their emotions for one another. They’re the most beautiful.

In the dream world, they would be capturing people’s celebrations on different adventures, so a long term goal is to lead a successful adventure wedding/elopement company.

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