Engagement Shoot at Chorlton Water Park: Sam & Jamie + Annie the dog

On the last Sunday of July we joined Sam & Jamie on a beautiful summer walk around Chorlton Water Park in Manchester. Their sweet pup, Annie was very happy to be a part of our day, even though foraging especially while the parents were too busy laughing and joking around was too, very exciting.


In our typical manner, we took a long stroll around the big lake – or maybe a reservoir, and periodically stopped to snap some shots. 

We had some openings in the bushes, a long well-walked path and beautiful sunshine. Alongside us was a canal that featured a pretty grassy path too – but what an opportunity for some more photos. 


All in all, we got to know each other, had lots of laughs and dog strokes and now we can’t wait to photograph these two’s big wedding day in March!

For now, take a look at the highlights below and feel free to share these on Facebook using share buttons or save them to Pintrest for some inspiration later!

Overall – what a great afternoon! Cheers guys! x




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