you're engaged, got the date and now you're looking for

a wedding photographer

who is fun, relaxed and who takes kickass photos.... you're in the right place

Wedding photographersMagda and Adam are stood hugging in front of a  mountain , rays of sun are coming through the trees
north west based


We're Magda & Adam, dog parents to Princess and Mocha, two happy chappies who love exploring almost as much as we do! We are down for (almost) any adventure. During lockdown we have converted our van, Penny, so we're doing a lot of our travels in her!
We love capturing people's memories in the most raw, emotional way, none of the posed stuff.
We travel around the UK & beyond!
Give us date + place, we'll be there!

Find out more about us below:

Who are we?

At the end of the day, you need to find someone you will connect with to capture your wedding day. We are (pretty much) the only suppliers who will be alongside you from the start to finish. It's best that you can see who we are and what we're about as people. 

We love adventurous things even though Magda is insufferably afraid of heights and gets anxiety doing things outside of her comfort zone. This also fuels her fire, to explore and push further than before. As long as at the end of it she can snuggle up with hot chocolate and the dogs all is good! With Adam, it's a different story - he will go diving, caving probably would even jump out of a plane without giving it a second thought! Finished off with a cold shower.

She loves spending time with friends (even though everyone lives so bloody far away so it's like once every 3 months) and binge watching tv series. Who has the patience to wait a week between episodes? He loves the world of watches and adventure vehicles. Spending free moments finding most random marketplace listings for cool trucks 'maybe' 'one day' 'if it wasn't broken' could consider purchasing to add to our too-small-shared-with-a-neighbour-ohgodweownthis-driveway.

We can talk about games, video and board!, camping, dogs, cats, birds, ferrets, bunnies any-other-pet-type-thing, cars, adventure, living wild, wanting to live wild while you're stuck in a job you don't really love right now, having fun, music festivals, hot chocolate (from whittard lol), vanlife, apple products or other things that are just fun. We like to have fun. We like going out for food with people and we drink alcohol. Pornstar martinis are the shit.

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Magda's favourites:

* sleeping in 
* watching Netflix
* hiking
* cuddles with dogs (even though she’s allergic to them!)
* playing tycoon games!

So.. our style?

real talk.

Our style is relaxed, focusing on the real moments taking place, the good stuff.
We will not stick cameras in people’s faces or ask you to smile.
You will see the photos show people having fun at the party, tearing up at the ceremony and yourselves going through all the stages of preparation right before walking down the aisle…

…and did someone say shots?

By hiring us, you’ll have AMAZING photos to last your for generations and whoever looks at them will feel like they were right there by your side.

let's see the gallery

how we work...

We love emotion - in any shape and form. The belly laughs and the ugly cries. We're there for all of it. We will be laughing and crying right by your side... because weddings always make us emotional!

We hate the fake pretend so if you're looking for someone who can capture posed shots and tell you how to stand & smile, we're probably not for you. If you're after someone who loves to have fun, joins in with the celebrations and gets fantastic photos in the process - we're your team. Don't worry, we will still capture some group shots for you to make sure no grandmas feel left out!

Our video style reflects our photography, that's the entire reason why we started offering it! We decided that our couples deserve to have an all in, wholesome, one stop shop experience when it comes to having their wedding memories captured.

We love the reportage feel of our edits, where all the love is palpable. We also fly a drone when weather + location allows for that extra cinematic feel.

Our films will not be overlayed with any speeches, because let's be honest, who wants to hear how their partner did x, y, z from a best man, while watching their wedding day memories? Well, not us - so if that something you are dreaming of - we can recommend some people ;)

we love celebrating all human connection

the more colourful, untraditional

and planned your way,

the better


01. fill out the contact form

Say Hi! Tell us how you met! Or what your favourite colours are! We can't wait to find out all about you.

02. let's have a call

We always try do a quick video call with couples just to make sure we are a good match and to give you an opportunity to ask any questions.

03. book

After the call we'll send you all booking info, and if you want to go ahead (hell yeah!), we take a £350 booking fee to secure your date.

04. pre-wedding meeting

After you've booked, you can relax, we'll periodically check in to see if we can assist you in any way possible.

Then about 30 days before your wedding, we'll have a meeting to go over all the nitty gritty details, create a timeline and make sure we all know what we're doing and where (you saying I do's at the end of the aisle).

05. party

Your wedding day! The day you've worked so hard to plan. All your vendors work is now on show and it's go time. The day that you relax, take it all in, party till the morning.

And we'll just capture everything, as and when it happens.

Don't worry about it.

06. look at your awesome memories

Once all your booze is gone and the flowers start going mouldy in the flower vase, it will be time to look at your photos!

Within 48 hours we'll send you some kickass previews, and then a full gallery will follow within 4-8 weeks. If you're waiting for video, that might take a little longer, allow up to 12 weeks.

Make sure you sit down together to watch the slideshow for the first time, let the feels come over you, enjoy the moment.