Magda and Adam are stood hugging in front of a dramatic mountain backdrop, rays of sun are coming through the trees


Dog parents to Princess and Mocha, two happy chappies who love exploring almost as much as we do!
We are down for (almost) any adventure. During lockdown we have converted our van, Penny, so we're doing a lot of our travels in her!
We love capturing people's memories in the most raw, emotional way, none of the posed stuff.

You will get to our heart through a box of celebrations... gotta have the bounties! ;)

magda and adam stood, covered in snow with their hands up
princess, a black and white dog posing for the camera while wearing a bow tie
Penny the peugeot boxer is parked in front of Glencoe mountain as a dramatic backdrop
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Magda's favourites:

* sleeping in 
* watching Netflix
* hiking
* cuddles with dogs (even though she’s allergic to them!)
* playing tycoon games!

we love celebrating all human connection

the more colourful, untraditional

and planned your way,

the better