You want AMAZING photos from your wedding day but you HATE posing
for the pictures?
Let us sort it.

pink flowers

We will be your favourite, easy going, solving all the problems on the fly – wedding photographers

We strongly believe that hiring a wedding photographer is the BEST THING you can do for yourself and your wedding 
you won’t have to worry about family taking ‘good enough’ shots  
we will be there to MAKE SURE you have them PERFECT, EVERY TIME

Who we are

We are Magda & Adam. Partners in photography and in life.


We have dedicated our lives to photographing people in love

and helping them retain their most important memories forever.


We also have a dog – Princess.

She’s a rescue who wouldn’t let us change her name so… here we are.

She travels with us in our self-converted van!


Adventure runs in our blood (even though we don’t run)

so we love incorporating it into our couples’ weddings if they’re up for it!


Why not elope in the beautiful Peak District? Or have a stunning ceremony in the Scottish Highlands? Let’s have an adventure together!




Magda’s favourites:

  • sleeping in 
  • watching Netflix
  • hiking
  • cuddles with dogs (even though she’s allergic to them!)
  • playing tycoon games!

Adam’s favourites:

  • being up nice and early
  • riding motorbikes
  • thinkering with watches
  • hiking
  • playing games

Why you should choose us
to photograph your special day

it's pretty simple really...

Our style is relaxed, focusing on the real 

moments that are taking place!

We will not stick cameras in people’s faces

 or ask you to smile.

You will see the photos show people

 having fun at the party, tearing up at the

 ceremony (assuming your guests have 

emotions!) and yourselves – going through

 all the stages of preparation right before walking down the aisle… and did someone say shots

Your photos will make you happy and they will make you smile without us asking you to do so 😉

By hiring us, you’ll have AMAZING photos to last 

your for generations and whoever looks at them

 will feel like they were right there by your side.

 What else could you want?

If you want your photographers
to be people
who can connect and have a laugh with...
If you like animals/adventures/
converted vans...
If you like our photo gallery...