On the first weekend of July we had the pleasure of photographing Alice & Will’s wedding day at the Chenies Manor and a local Church. 

Both of them got ready separately – Alice in a little hotel nearby with all the girls and the family & Will with the lads. 

I (Magda) went off with the girls to see what they were up to, we had homemade flapjacks, orange juice, and lots of laughs! The boys, didn’t plan for the opening times of their chosen pub (oops), so ended up going to a completely different pub for a pre-wedding pint. Luckily, the pub had a good sword holder ( see the pics!). The ceremony was nothing short of beautiful and sweet. Once they were married, there was confetti, a tunnel of swords, and lots of celebrations at The Chenies Manor. Their beautiful grounds had so many stunning photo opportunities – see for yourselves below. 

There was lots of good food, a quiz of who know the couple the best (there was some good competition between family and friends!), 

and lots of cake &  dancing. To top it all off Will ended up performing with the band! 

It was such an awesome wedding! 


Take a look at the highlights below and feel free to share these on Facebook using share buttons or save them to Pinterest for some inspiration later!