Mid October we joined Katrina & Mark for their wedding day celebrations in Solihull, Birmingham. The celebrations were split between a beautiful little church for the formal part and then it went on to the Lake At Barston restaurant.

As we do, we split forces with myself (Magda) accompanying Katrina in her family home and Adam joining Mark at his family home. At the brides’ it was a very personal getting ready, with no special make up artists or hairdressers, accompanied by her parents and closest friends, you could feel the importance of the day ahead. At Marks’ the mum & the auntie were taking a quick course of how to fold a pocket square from a YT tutorial. 

In the church, Katrina’s dad accompanied her down the aisle. The vicar had a great sense of humour making the formal mass very entertaining! 

Once they were wed, a tunnel of confetti and family photos followed.

At the restaurant we were greeted by beautiful hand made decorations, stunning cake and amazing-by-october-standards weather.

After some great speeches we swooped the happy couple outside for some quick (it was very cold!) portrait shots – you can see them all below! 

Finally, after many rounds of the giant Jenga & limbo-ing by the kids AND the adults, they cut the cake and partied the night away!

For now, take a look at the highlights below and feel free to share these on Facebook using share buttons or save them to Pintrest for some inspiration later.